K-4th grade

we learned about Jesus picking people to be his disciples and then how he told them to go out into the world and spread the word to others. We should continue to share Jesus with others today and not be afraid. We made walking sticks because the disciples would have to walk a long ways on their journeys to share his word to everyone.
We also sang a special today "Gold by Apollo ltd" and had fun with Kazoos!
we learned about Jacob and Esau and how Jacob tricked his father by lying to him. It's never good to lie always be honest and tell the truth.

We played a game of guess what's in the bag by feeling the items and how we can easily be deceived.

We practiced our song that the kids are going to sing as a special next Sunday! Remember to wear jeans and a white shirt if possible. See you next week!
We learned about Joseph and his coat of colors and how he forgave his brothers for what they did and how it can relate to being bullied at school and that we should forgive others for the things they do and always be nice to others.

Later we had an amazing Baptism at the river!
Today we talked about Jonah and the big whale. We discussed how we have choices in our lives and it's always better to follow Gods path the first time and how it's important to always listen to our parents and teachers :)